This Call for Potential Suppliers in relation to the “Safeguarding and Creating Employment Scheme” is launched as part of the Innovative Entrepreneurship project funded by the European Union and implemented by NI-CO. This is only a provisional work for identification of potential suppliers and in no terms means that these suppliers will be contracted or contacted. No further questions will be answered at this stage.

AB İnovatif Girişimcilik projesi başarıyla tamamlanmıştır.

Girişimcilik, işletme  ve inovasyon alanlarında yeni açılacak destek programları ile ilgili bilgi için  [email protected] adresine ulaşabilirsiniz. 

EU Innovative Entrepreneurship has concluded successfully.
Please contact  [email protected] for further information on the continuation of support within the areas of entrepreneurship, business development and innovation.