EU Into Digital Forum

EU Into Digital Forum 2023 Revolutionizes Business Landscape!

The EU Into Digital Forum 2023, organized within the scope of the EU Innovative Entrepreneurship project, took place on May 12, 2023, in Nicosia. Speakers at the event, which brought together businesses, industry experts, and civil society organizations, shared the success stories of companies by focusing on the latest trends in digital transformation. Hosting more than 350 participants, including representatives of digital service providers and support agencies, the opening speech of the Forum was delivered by Jutta Pomoell-Segurola, Head of the European Union Program Support Office. Pomoell-Segurola emphasized that building a “digitally advanced Europe” is a strategic priority, stating, “We firmly believe that we will definitely achieve reaching a digitally aware Turkish Cypriot community.” Participants had the opportunity to directly interact with technology and innovation companies at booths throughout the event and explore the potential impact of new technologies on digital transformation through presentations. EU Into Digital Forum 2023 provided invaluable experience and knowledge to participants by focusing on specific topics such as data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and automation.


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