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The EU Innovative Entrepreneurship Project is funded by the European Union as part of it’s Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community and is implemented by NI-CO.


  1. Encourage more people to set up business in the northern part of Cyprus.
  2. Provide practical non-financial support to anyone setting up a business.
  3. Help enhance the support structure for new and existing business.
  4. Encourage businesses to be more innovative.
  5. To provide financial support to businesses in sectors most impacted by Covid-19.
  6. To provide financial and advisory support to businesses in the manufacturing, industry and business to business services sectors supporting post Covid-19 recovery, growth and employment creation.

Into Business Programme

Find out more or apply for the Into Business Programme.

The Into Business Programme (IB) is one of the core initiatives that has been developed within the Innovative Entrepreneurship project.

The Into Business programme is an exciting, free of charge business support programme that aims to stimulate enterprise awareness and encourage first-time entrepreneurs to take the step towards self-employment.  Targeted at potential entrepreneurs and innovators, IB is primarily focused on pre-start and provides capability support to individuals who are preparing to start a business for the first time. 

The programme casts the net as widely as possible in terms of targeting individuals, from varied sectors and geographic locations across the Turkish Cypriot community.

In addition to supporting potential business owners, the programme delivery mechanism was also designed to provide capability development to the stakeholders in the TCc business and economic support network.

The programme provides business mentoring and guidance for new businesses starting up along with workshops to help new business owners creating their individual business plans through the key aspects of business management, including market research, pricing, selling, cash flow, accounts, innovation and ideation.

This programme is delivered through our partners including:

– Kyrenia Youth and Development Centre (GİGEM)

– Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Artisans and Shopkeepers

– Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce

– Northern Cyprus Young Businessman Association / Cyprus Entrepreneurship Station

The Into Business programme was initially designed and delivered as a pilot between November 2019 and February 2021. The programme has reached 1157 participation in total including 168 workshops during the pilot programme. In addition, within the scope of the programme, mentoring service was provided 50 times and 364 preliminary examinations were implemented.

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AB İnovatif Girişimcilik projesi başarıyla tamamlanmıştır.

Girişimcilik, işletme  ve inovasyon alanlarında yeni açılacak destek programları ile ilgili bilgi için  [email protected] adresine ulaşabilirsiniz. 

EU Innovative Entrepreneurship has concluded successfully.
Please contact  [email protected] for further information on the continuation of support within the areas of entrepreneurship, business development and innovation.