A Brand New Support Centre for Entrepreneurs:

The European Union funded  EU Incubator Hive is a programme implemented by Innovative Entrepreneurship that aims to support and promote entrepreneurship. It provides physical facilities, marketing assistance, access to capital, business training programs, advisory boards and mentors, networking facilities, and employment opportunities. The functions of the EU Incubator Hive are to act as a “safe house” for start-ups, spur entrepreneurial talent, enhance the probability of success of start-ups, act as a centre for innovation, and promote regional growth and development.

The advantages of joining the EU Incubator Hive include;

    1. Access free consulting and administrative assistance,
    2. Access the comradeship of fellow entrepreneurs,
    3. Access to free office space and utilities

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Interested individuals can apply at any stage of their business development and will have access to a personal mentor based at the EU Incubator Hive offices.