EU Into Business

EU Into Business is an exciting free of charge business support programme that aims to promote corporate awareness and encourages first-time entrepreneurs to take steps towards starting their own business and develop a business plan.

EU Into Business is one of the core programmes implemented under Innovative Entrepreneurship Project funded by the European Union. The pilot programme, delivered between November 2019 and February 2021, reached 1,157 participants that attended 168 workshops, whereas 50 entrepreneurs received mentoring support. In total, 364 business ideas were supported.

The current programme that has commenced in 2021, offers (potential) entrepreneurs, an opportunity to develop a successful and viable business plan. Following a 3-hour workshop on Business Planning, we offer one-to-one mentoring up to 7 hours as part of the capacity building support to individuals who are preparing to start their own businesses as well as to those that are already in business.

The programme is offered in a hybrid format with online and in person workshops and mentoring support. Our delivery partners deliver mentoring and workshops in Turkish, however the same support can be provided in English upon request.

EU Into Business consists of three stages, during which participants can choose to participate in all or to begin from the stage that suits their needs most. The programme is entirely FREE of charge and is open to individuals over the age of 18 in the Turkish Cypriot community. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

First Stage

A one-to-one interview is the first step which is followed by a 3-hour workshop on “Being an Entrepreneur”. Through an interactive process this workshop provides entrepreneurs with insight into key considerations when starting and managing a business, as well as how to approach products and processes in an innovative manner.

Second Stage

Entrepreneurs who have completed the first stage and those who already have an established business can participate at the Stage 2. This stage starts with a
workshop on “Business Plan”. The interactive presentation lasts about 3 hours (online or in-person) and covers the key aspects of a business plan: Market research, pricing, sales, cash flow, accounts and financial projections. Following completion of the workshop on Business Plan, local experts provide mentoring for up to four hours to help entrepreneurs prepare their business plan.

Third Stage

EU Into Business provides robust consultancy support to entrepreneurs and businesses that already have business plans and that are seeking to develop their action plans and provide guidance for the healthy growth of their businesses for up to three

Please contact our team at +90 548 864 64 26 / [email protected] or one of our Delivery Partners below to register into the programme.

EU Into Business Incentive Scheme

Please click here to access the Incentive Program guideline for applicants.

Applications for the first stage of the program will be accepted until August 2023, and applications for the second stage will be accepted until September 2023. The application process for IB pilot incentive programme will be open on an ongoing basis until December 2023.

    1. INCENTIVE APPLICATION FORM – To be filled before starting IB Stage 2. 
    2. INCENTIVE CLAIM FORM 1 – To be filled after Business Plan is completed.
    3. INCENTIVE CLAIM FORM 2 – To be filled after a legal business is established.

Any further questions regarding the programme can be sent to [email protected] or you can contact to the IE team from +90 548 864 64 26.

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