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EU Into Business is an exciting free of charge business support programme that aims to promote corporate awareness and encourages first-time entrepreneurs to take steps towards starting their own business and develop a business plan. The program has closed as of November 2023.

EU Into Business is one of the core programmes implemented under Innovative Entrepreneurship Project funded by the European Union. The pilot programme, delivered between November 2019 and February 2021, reached 1,157 participants that attended 168 workshops, whereas 50 entrepreneurs received mentoring support. In total, 364 business ideas were supported.

The current programme that has commenced in 2021, offered (potential) entrepreneurs, an opportunity to develop a successful and viable business plan. Following a 3-hour workshop on Business Planning, programme offered one-to-one mentoring up to 7 hours as part of the capacity building support to individuals who are preparing to start their own businesses as well as to those that are already in business. The program delivered between September 2021 and November 2023, 1049 participants were reached that attended 125 workshops, while 548 hours of mentoring support was provided to 247 entrepreneurs. Within the scope of the EU Into Business Incentive program, a total of 65,400 euros of financial support was provided to 132 business plans and 36 newly established businesses.

Please contact our team at +90 548 864 64 26 / [email protected] or one of our Delivery Partners below to register into the programme.

EU Into Business Incentive Scheme

Please click here to access the Incentive Program guideline for applicants.

Applications for the EU Into Business Incentive Program have been closed as of November 30, 2023, and 133 business plans and 36 business establishments have been supported within the scope of the incentive.

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