The 2023 Startups4Peace program has successfully concluded.

entrepreneurs from 5 startups attended the largest networking event, SLUSH, in Helsinki.

Stay tuned for our upcoming year's program!

2023 Startups4Peace programı başarıyla tamamlandı.

5 startuptan 6 girişimci, Helsinki'de düzenlenen en büyük networking etkinliği SLUSH'a katıldı.

Gelecek yılın programı için bizi takip etmeye devam edin!

The 2023 Startups4Peace programme has successfully concluded.

6 entrepreneurs from 5 startups attended the largest networking event, SLUSH, in Helsinki.

Stay tuned for our upcoming year's program!

Coding Camps

Coding helps individuals improve creativity, problem solving and collaboration skills through programming and tech activities. Across a range of industries, coding is consistently highlighted as one of the most employable skills in the market. EU funded Innovative Entrepreneurship project has delivered 115 hours of Coding Camps and trained 290 students between the years of 2019 and 2022 in addition to the 75 children (6-11 years old) trained in Lego-Robotics camp for up to 18 hours.

EU CodeWeek 2022 – 2023

Lego Robotics – October 2022 & February 2023

In line with the developments in the world, analytical thinking skills, problem solving skills, creativity and use of technology skillsets expected from the workforce are frequently updated.

In order to gain these skills from earlier ages and spread coding, EU CodeWeek was organised on 29 October 2022 and 07, 08, 09 February 2023 to address individuals between 6-11 years old. With 26 hours of training provided to 158 young individuals, the following were achieved:

  • Raise awareness for coding;
  • Build teamwork;
  • Teach basic knowledge of coding, algorithms and sequencing;
  • Design sturdy structures and programming;
  • Gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Design vehicles with motorised elements.

“Raspberry Zero Based Meteorology Station” – October – November 2022

Delivering training and materials to students on programmable electronics help develop the manufacturing process of high value-added devices, appliances etc., which has a great level of importance for the local small business economy. Online data monitoring systems and trainings on programmable electronics is a key to trending technologies as innovation projects rely on this skillset.

110 students in six [6] vocational schools were trained in two-day coding camps, working on a “Raspberry Zero based meteorology station” project that can display air quality, temperature, humidity and pressure. Raspberry pi (single-board computers), sensors and connection units were provided to students to create multiple stations across Cyprus to measure and reflect the data collected to a common server using Python programming language.

A Capstone Event was organised as a showcase of the end product produced by students on 9 November 2022.

“Raspberry Zero Based Meteorology Station” – October – November 2022 Video 

EU CodeWeek 2019: “Create with Code!”

Innovative Entrepreneurship project implemented three days and in total 60 hours of coding camps across five secondary and high schools where 185 students were trained to gain skillsets to help them think about developing a business and following a career path in digital sector. Students have been presented with the opportunity to work as part of a team and to present to a large audience at the Demo Event on 30 November 2019.

Contact us to express your interest in Coding Camps organised by us and discover the true potential of this practice!


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